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Gods Demons And Others Pdf 99

Major Gods and Cults covers eleven gods. Amongst them one finds Adonis (heavily modified from this ancient Greek roots), Mitra, Ishtar, and Set. Things from the Outer Dark covers another nine entities, all of them Mythos-related. The heavy-weights, namely Great Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Azathoth and Shub-Niggurath are all included. Minor Gods and cults continues the work with the likes of Ibis and Crom, who apparently is not as much of a deal as his most famous disciple. Regional Cults on the other hand touches on the cults that can only be encountered locally, like the Jungle Cults of Khitai, godlings, and the Zamboula Cannibal Cult. Each listing ranges from one to five pages, and includes any combination of narrative about the deity and the beliefs surrounding it, as well as rules on some of them.

Gods Demons And Others Pdf 99

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The Call of the Cultist provides methods and approaches the Gamemaster might take to introduce these gatherings of fanatics and power-hungry opportunists into the player characters' lives. This includes discussion on concepts like whether the gods are real, the cults' goals, what a cult looks like and what it is to live inside it, cult hierarchy and false gods, as well as discussion relating to the nature of belief and the problem of faith.

The strong points: One of the things I really like about this edition of Conan is that even though the option of being religious is open to player characters, in reality the setting (and some treatises in this book) scream how the gods of the Hyborian Age are not there to be worshiped. Only opportunists or lunatics would do so, taking into account the deities that are on the roster or the ambivalence about the sheer existence of the gods, and whether their so-called acts or words are the result of trickery or cosmic cruelty. Still, the new rules about cultist characters are good fun, in case you want to pair your archetypa