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Djay Pro Automix Playlist

Super-dumb, but urgent question:In Automix, playing in Shuffle Mode, how do I see my Playlist and choose songs that I would like to play next? In DJay 1, it was an easy drag and drop process because my selected playlist was always visible at the bottom of the screen.

Djay Pro Automix Playlist


I was having the same problem, but it turns out I was adding things to the standard queue and the Automix player does not look at the standard queue. The automix player only looks at the automix queue.

Hi, make sure you are adding your songs to the automix queue and not just the standard. I was having the same problem. Right clicking on songs and selecting add to queue does not add to the Automix queue. You will manually have to drag and drop songs into the Automix queue.

Hey folks,does anybody know if the automix session and also the automix queue does have some hotkeys to go through? so how do I get some tracks into the automix queue and how can I let Djaypro play those selected tracks (without using a mouse/trackpad)?and how will I return back to the standard decks and the queues for the decks I am using?Thank you in advance!

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