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Gta San Andreas Mission Learning To Fly Save Game 12 BETTER

If you have a PC game that is modded you must list the mods as the Helper must also have the same mods installed or the saves won't work. A link to the mod(s) site(s) might help the adventurous Helper who might install the mod(s) just to help you.

Gta San Andreas Mission Learning To Fly Save Game 12

Um, why doesn't he just download a Savegame of the mission?BTW, choose mission Learning to Fly, that's the one you're at. But I can't guarantee anything about any achievements and unlocks, you'll have to do it yourself.

Ah, that's one of the harder missions in the game. Unfortunately, there is no way to skip that mission through cheat or other means. You'll have to learn how to fly to do later missions, and if you can't pass this one, you can't pass the ones that come after it. Sorry. :S

I have heard that you can break into the airports and steal a plane, fly it for like 20 game hours (20 minutes) and you get a pilots lisence, and that helps you complete Learning To Fly missions, I think. Thats what I am doing now. Try it, you got nothing to loose. To break into the airport use the Jetpack cheat: left right L1 L2 R1 R2 up down left rightTo spawn your own stunt plane without going through the airport, use the cheat: circle up L1 L2 down R1 L1 L1 Left Left X Triangle. These are ps2 cheats.

I had the same problem couldn't complete the flight mission....but my friend told me that you need to download the save file of the flight school from internet and then Copy the file to data -> com.rockstargames.gtasa -> files -> here