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Darkcomet =LINK= Download For Mac

To trick people into downloading and installing programs such as DarkComet or malware, cyber criminals use spam campaigns, trojans, dubious file or software download channels, fake software update and/or unofficial activation tools. To trick users into unwanted installations through spam campaigns, cyber criminals send emails that contain malicious attachments.

Darkcomet Download For Mac


Examples of untrustworthy download sources are unofficial web pages, third party downloaders, Peer-to-Peer networks such as torrent clients, eMule, free file hosting or freeware download pages, and so on. Cyber criminals use them to proliferate malicious software by uploading files that are disguised as harmless and regular.

When downloaded and opened, these files start installation of other malicious software. Fake update tools infect systems when they download and install malware rather than updates, fixes, and so on, or when they exploit bugs/flaws of outdated programs.

Do not open files (attachments) or click links that are included in irrelevant emails, especially if they are received from unknown, suspicious addresses. Download software and files from official websites and use direct download links. Various third party downloaders, installers and other such tools should not be trusted or used.

DarkComet RAT Legacy was available to download