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Usb Digital Microscope Cy-800b Software [VERIFIED] Download

The DigiMicro 2.0 Scale is ideal for microscopic observation of all types of surfaces and suits for exact measurement of distances, surfaces, angles and radius with the help of a software in the enlarged areas up to the accuracy of micro-meter (1 μm = 1/1000 mm). The camera is simply attached to a PC by a USB 2.0 and the current supply flows automatically. Equipped with 8 white LEDs increases DigiMicro 2.0 Scale up to 200 times and has an integrated 2.0 megapixel camera (5.0 megapixels interpolated) which delivers pin-sharp images and even videos of your magnified object.How does DigiMicro 2.0 Scale works:DigiMicro 2.0 Scale works like a digital camera, the objects are magnified, photographed or filmed and the images are immediately transferred to the computer or Notebook via the USB port. With 2.0 million pixel image resolution, DigiMicro 2.0 scale points out even the smallest details in the picture.Uses: Digital technology opens up completely new and exciting application possibilities. DigiMicro 2.0 Scale is suitable not only for schools or hobby but also for research and profession e.g. in industrial surface inspections Just only by pressing a button the pictures and videos taken by a microscope are stored and sent to friends, family or even business partners via e-mail.This text is machine translated.

usb digital microscope cy-800b software download

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