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Net3 Concert For Mac

We offer dance concerts, operas, and musical theatre performances in this space. Occasionally, the School will produce a large dramatic piece in this theatre. This theatre also hosts the Arts and Entertainment University Arts series that brings in tours of Broadway shows, concert artists, and other performing groups.

Net3 Concert For Mac

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The Antoinette Falbo Theatre is a black box theatre seating up to 150 people. This space is used primarily as a studio for movement, voice, and acting classes as well as the end-of-semester dance concerts. Our Community Arts Program, which culminates in performances for families and friends performs here. We share this space with the Opera Program in the School of Music which produces their opera scenes here as well. This space features a flexible ceiling grid, wood flooring, and walls of mirrors, for dancing, singing, and mask work. The lighting system was recently upgraded to an ETC Sensor3 system with a Paradigm controller with 96 dimmers and a full ETCNet3 network. 350c69d7ab