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What To Do With Unwanted Books 21

As you may know 7 year olds vary in reading ability so these chapter books do vary in difficulty, some are fairly easy to read and some are a little more challenging, and some offer greater levels of support through graphics. Overall however, as a general guide, these books are suitable for readers aged 7 to 9 years.

what to do with unwanted books 21

If your child is only just starting out with chapter books you might like to check out our Best Chapter Book Series for Young Readers and Best Graphic Novels for Early Readers collections. The illustrated chapter books on this list are generally easier to read.

For more information about the titles listed below, each is linked to an online bookstore page where you can find reviews and age recommendations for titles you are unfamiliar with (these are affiliate links).

For instance, the subject heading list indicates that all books about cats should be assigned the subject CATS. Using this authorized heading eliminates the possibility of listing some books under CATS and others under FELINES. Even if a book is called All About Felines, the subject heading will be typed CATS. That way, all books on that subject will be listed in one place in the catalog for the patron to find. The patron does not have to imagine all the possible synonyms for the word he is looking for.